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Antoinette Fleming – affectionate and good at getting people to have fun.Anwen – Welsh for “very beautiful”Aoife – pronounced as ee-fa; from Gaelic word meaning “beauty” and there was an Irish legend warrior princess with the same name Aruzhan – it is known as “beautiful soul” in Kazakh Ava Hanson – social and with great people skills.We scouted for ideas all over the internet, and here are the best avatar names that we found. AAfanen – modern Welsh name for “raspberry”Ailwynn – variant of old English name Alvin and it means “friend, elf or supernatural being”Alaia – happy and joyful in Basque Alexi Blackfield – defender of mankind.Alisa Nash – a motivator and outgoing Amy Applestem – beloved or dearly loved.Looking for some fun, cool and unique virtual world avatar names? Here is our collection of good avatar names for your virtual character. If you’re looking for boys names, check out this list.

Niviarshaq – name of variety of flowers that in Greenland; meaning “girl” in Greenlandic Nizhoni – from Native American or Navajo which means “beautiful”Nkosazana – is “princess” in South American or Xhosa Noor Riddle – timid and conscientious.Kiku – “chrysanthemum” flower in Japanese Květa – is a Slavic name derived from the Czech word kvye meaning “blossom, flower”LLærke – pronounced as LAIR-keh, a feminine Danish name coming the songbird’s name “lark”Lale – Turkish and Persian origin (Lalleh or Lalla) for “tulip”Lamia – “radiant, shining” in Arabic Lana Mcclain – loner, and an observer. Makena – Kikuyu or Eastern African “happy one”Malai – Thai for “garland of flowers”Malaika – plural form of “angels” in Arabic, singular is Malati – named after the flower “jasmine” in Sansrkit Malina – used in languages like Serbian, Polish and Bulgarian for “raspberry”; pronounced as mah-LEE-nah Malka – feminine given name in Hebrew for “queen”Manami – it’s a combination of Japanese words 愛 (mana) for “affection, love” 海 (mi) “sea, ocean” or 美 (mi) “beautiful”Manjula – Sanskrit for “beautiful, lovely”Margaux – pronounced as mar-GO; variant of Margot and short French form of Margaret meaning “pearl”Marita – Scandinavian form of Margaret from μαργαριτης or margarites, a Greek word which means “pearl”Marjolaine – French for “marjoram”, a minty-herb undershrub with citrus flavors and sweet pine Maude James – conscientious and kind.Maxene – variant of Maxine, a female form of Maximus, meaning “greatest”Mavourneen – “my darling”, based from the Irish phrase mo mhúirnín Maya Maxwell – very perceptive of other’s feelings. Melusine – from an interesting European folklore of a water fairy who turns into a dirrent form every Satuday; meaning of name unknown NNaira – “big eyes” in Aymara and Quechua Nawra – a lovely Arabic name for “blossom, flower”Nayeli – Zapotec for “i love you”Nephele – “cloudy” in Greek and according to the legend, was created and shaped like Hera by Zeus.North Snowfrost – bringer of peace between enemies.Nyx – mysterious Greek name for “night”OOcéane – pronounced as oh-say-AHN, is a French given name from the word ocean Olive Crowe – faithful and loyal.

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Cloud Mistyrock – a name for someone who lived near an outcrop or hill.

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