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Compared to glucose, which metabolizes 20 percent in the liver and 80 percent throughout the rest of the body, fructose is 90 percent metabolized in the liver.

Fructose also converts to fat up to 18.9 times faster than glucose. But most food that is boxed, bagged or canned has added sugars.

'This one change has the potential to prevent serious diseases and help restore health,' Dr Winters said.

He suggests blood checks about two weeks after patients agree to begin limiting their sugar intake to help them see clear benefits.

The study was published in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.

When consumed, it is mostly metabolized in the liver and transformed into fat.The sweetener turns on pathways to convert the sugar into fat and store it instead of digesting the substance.The body can ditch the pounds once it's cut from the diet.Professor Schwarz said: 'Studies have shown diets high in simple sugars increase both DNL and liver fat.'Importantly, removal of sugar from diets of children with obesity for only nine days consistently reduced DNL and liver fat and improved glucose and lipid metabolism.'Fructose turns on the metabolic pathways that converts it to fat and stores it in the body, adding weight. A helpful tip is to shop on the outer edges of your grocery store.That is where there tends to be more fresh products with no added sugar.

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'After as few as eight days a high fructose intake can increase both DNL and liver fat concentration,' he said.