Men rubber band is rubbish concept

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Men rubber band is rubbish concept

If you fail to follow these rules you will be punished. They each enjoy their own particular flavour of sadism, but they all enjoy torturing, humiliating and degrading young women like yourself. No one is allowed to ever be called by their proper names here, instead you will be given a new name by the masters. Your new name will be what you answer to, how you will refer to yourself and how the other girls will refer to you.

But on the upside, you may s a good question, and it leads me to some of the rules. If you tell anyone your real name, you will be punished, and so will the girl who you tell.

If you find out the real name of any of the other girls, you will be punished.

So please, dons a concrete box across the common room, when your door opens, so will the doors to the other three bedrooms on the floor as well as the door to the cell.

You will only ever refer to them as Master or Mistress.

You will never talk out of place and will always answer promptly when asked a question.

Open this if you want to live, was printed on the front of the envelope.Only a single small window, high in the wall, barred and heavily tinted, allowed a small amount of natural light to enter the room.As well as her throat, her head pounded with a startling and lingering headache.Each night one of you spends the night in the cell.Sometimes that will be you and you will be shackled to the wall.

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Reluctantly she put it in her ear.s soothing voice would have put her at ease had her situation not been so daunting.

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