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Rounds 2 and 3 you take out the shoulders unless round 1 gave you a front quartering shot in which case the bear's down. MC pattern stock, Decelerator, Gun-Koted, Leupy QRW mounts, Leupy 2.5CMHD scope.Then you finish.......friend of mine got lucky a few years ago because his client was cool enough to shoot a 600 lb grizzly right off his back at less than 15 feet with a .340 Weatherby. Problem turned into getting the bloody bear off my friend. Don't EVER think you're packing too much gun for defence against ANY bear - even a little one can hurt/maim/kill you and a 45-70 loaded to the max the gun can handle packs one helluva smack. 140 years and going strong for some real good reasons. Bullet Barn 400HCs at 2000 fps-mv, kicks like a SOB, one of the smoothest, finest, reliable rifles I have ever owned, out of about 125 big game rifles. This was built from various salvaged parts by Barry Jensen, my buddy and I; it is a .375 H&H, holds 4 1 and shoots 300 NPs into .6" all day long.__________________ there are two kinds of people...those with loaded guns and those who dig. "(the bullet) has the ballistic coeffienct of a double AA battery".. __________________ there are two kinds of people...those with loaded guns and those who dig. Light, fast to use and one shot's usually enough with the right ammo - and the gun's short.the good, the bad, the ugly weatherby fans clik here.... although big is beautiful and have never used this or any one gun in the direct application... the good, the bad, the ugly weatherby fans clik here.... Faster than most HD handguns to put into play and very effective.Especially if you are not practicing with the big bore regularily.When the Winchester 1300 first came out, they had a lot of trouble with the extractor (if memory serves) breaking at inopertune times, and I don't mean just the odd one either.for comparison ive added a my full length 257 wby ultralite with a 26" bbl and it is a slightly shorter OAL than the ruger 10/22 under it.

(Im about to find out in drayton valley shootout this weekend...ouch!!

For what it's worth, I have a defender that hasn't broken as well, but then, it's only seen light use since I've had it, maybe 500 rounds or so.

Minube is my travel companion, one that I always carry with me in my pocket or my backpack.

)Dick284 worked the trigger and sponsered me some accubond 200gr ballistically compareable to the 3006 at most distances.

I designed it for close rattled to 200 yard whitetails, not for bear, but would be the same conditions.

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Load 'er up with a real hot handload, a 350 FN/RN Hornady or better a 500 gr Barnes in the pipe backed up with the 350's, but the first one will probably do it.