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Content types define taxonomy, retention and templates.By associating files with content types, you can group related files and manage them accordingly.With event-based retention, document end of life can be also triggered on demand from the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center, providing an auditable, controlled removal of content when required for operational compliance. Share Point libraries allow rights management policies to enforce encryption and policies on downloaded content, but that encryption has been incompatible with the One Drive sync client.Now, without compromising data encryption, Share Point and One Drive will allow offline synchronization of libraries encrypted by Information Rights Management.In the modern user experience, library views are smarter about using queries and paging behind the scenes to grab records in manageable sets as the users moves through a large view, without needing to throttle the view completely.Our new predictive logic is an ongoing deployment and will be available to most customers in Q4 of 2017.More ongoing resources on Office 365 content solutions are available on our Resource Center at https://aka.ms/sharepoint-contentservices.

However, managing groups of files with missing metadata, pending check-ins, missing approvals and expiration dates requires a way to "zoom in" on files that need attention.The preparation of security updates to address the vulnerabilities affecting Intel, AMD and ARM processors is in progress and we will keep you informed regarding the provision.The vulnerabilities enable attackers to read the memory, allowing them to steal data or identities.Predictive indexing lets you use the full capacity of Share Point libraries while minimizing the need for active administration and performance throttles.When we detect a query that might result in thousands of records, Share Point automatically adds the index on the fly – and we’re working on automatic indexing for queries of any size.

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